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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Get Android N on your Android Device:

You can get your Android N feature but after get rooted you should download and install Xposed installer through which you can get Xposed Module to get Android N feature. Follow the instruction below!

#1 Root your Android Device.

#2 You need to install Xposed Installer and installation process of this programme on your Android is quite a lengthy process: follow the below process to install Xposed Installer on Your Android:

Get Android N Feature On Your Android – Xposed Installer

How To Install Xposed Installer On You Rooted Android Device

*i Root first.

*ii Go and check your Android CPU architecture to get an absolute Xposed framework for your Android, download this software to check that.

*iii Get your custom recovery in your Android, and to get that you need to search on Google for your device model custom recovery, and after that, you need to flash it using application ROM manager.

*iv After all recovery and flash down, you need to download Xposed Framework Zip file, Select any one according to your CPU makeover.

*v Now just flash this Zip file through your Android recovery using ROM manager you had downloaded.

*vi Sooner if your zip file is flushed by the ROM then simply reboot your device.

*vii All done, you have installed Xposed Installer on your device and next is to follow the below continuation to get Your Android N Feature.

#3 Download Android N-ify , This is the only application in which you will get cool feature and allowed to customised your Android even more amazingly, moreover, you will get Android feature with this application.

#4 After installing the Android N-ify, exposed module this app after completing, just reboot your device.

#5 After the reboot you will see all the User Interface changed to Android N and amazing cool Android N features, you will definitely love your device more than ever.

All done, just enjoy your New Device UI having Android N features and UI, make sure to have a proper guide and read again and again to understand what the tutorial is explaining.