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Thursday, 29 September 2016

World’s Largest 1Tbps DDoS Attack Launched From 152,463 Hacked Devices

Hosting provider OVH has witnessed the world’s largest DDoS attack. This attack of 1Gpbs intensity was launched by a botnet network of 152,463 smart devices. The same network was also responsible for the recent DDoS assault on security publication Krebs On Security. Sadly, more than 15k new cameras have participated in the attack on OVH in the last 48 hours.

It looks like we have a new record for the biggest DDoS attack ever seen. This time, the attack has managed to touch the magical 1Tbps mark. This attack was faced last week by the hosting provider OVH. The OVH founder and CTO Octave Klaba shared a screenshot of the multiple sources of the ongoing attack.
Klaba’s posts reveal that OVH’s website was flooded with a massive torrent of traffic on September 20. It claims that more than 25 colossal DDoS attacks were faced by the company in 48 hours.
Last days, we got lot of huge DDoS. Here, the list of "bigger that 100Gbps" only. You can see the
simultaneous DDoS are close to 1Tbps !
This botnet with 145607 cameras/dvr (1-30Mbps per IP) is able to send >1.5Tbps DDoS. Type: tcp/ack, tcp/ack+psh, tcp/syn.
Klaba has also added further information that the attack has been clocked from a network of 152,463 hacked low-powered cameras and smart devices. The overall attack capacity of the botnet is being estimated to 1.5Tbps.
The same botnet network also crippled the security publication Krebs On Security with an intensity of 620Gbps. Eventually, Krebs got help from Google’s Project Shield to protect the website. Krebs took this step after Akamai withdrew its expensive support, saying that the DDoS was “nearly double the size of the largest attack they’d seen previously.”
The current situation of OVH isn’t good. Recently, Klaba tweeted that some new IoT devices have participated in the DDoS attack.
+6857 new cameras participated in the DDoS last 48H.